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08 Mar 2017

See your local store and purchase several products of the identical product - say a bundle of three baseballs. Although the baseballs appear identical, closer examination will disclose very slight variations. One ball maybe fractionally bigger another very slightly less spherical possibly the 3rd is very slightly T.C. Electronics/Marine. The generality that extends out of this is the fact that any two apparently identical products may have nonetheless slight variations within their qualities.

Now purchase a packet of three electrons (or their antimatter equivalent, the positron). Each T.C. Electronics/Marine, or positron, is going to be identical in dimensions, mass and electric charge to as numerous decimal places while you choose to measure. All electrons (and positrons) are 100% absolutely identical clones Click here

Take one electron and something positron and produce them together. They annihilate releasing a set quantity of energy. Take another electron and the other positron and repeat the scenario. The happy couple will annihilate releasing the same quantity of T.C. Electronics/Marine along the way. The quantity of energy released in every electron-positron annihilation situation is identical, to as numerous decimal places as possible measure. That's quite unlike going for a match from the box of matches, striking same and releasing its stored chemical energy as heat energy. Another match in the same box wouldn't release, to as numerous decimal places while you choose to measure, the absolutely identical quantity of heat energy.

Why identical baseballs aren't but identical electrons (or positrons) are?

Electrons (or positrons), getting mass, could be produced from energy (much like mass could be transformed into energy as with the situation from the electron-positron annihilation process). You (human intelligence) can't create identical baseballs, however a T.C. Electronics/Marine non-intelligent natural process (Nature by other name) can make or produce copies of the fundamental particle, as an electron (or positron), which are clones of each other lower towards the nittiest-grittiest detail.

Despite quantum mechanics in pressure, you'd think energy could create or become an T.C. Electronics/Marine with two times the conventional electron mass or two times the electrical charge, or 3 times even. But no. The thing is one electron you have often seen all of them - every electron that's, was or is going to be, anywhere, everywhere, anytime, each time within our World. Electrons, like Black Holes, don't have any hair. 

Which means other product individual personality. Actually Black Holes could be stated to possess some fuzz simply because they can and do differ when it comes to size, mass and electric charge. Electrons have the very same size, mass and electric charge, so simply no hair! In accordance with Black Holes, electrons (and positrons) are absolutely bald!


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